Purpose of an International Internship

To provide an opportunity for international students and professionals to further their careers and expand their knowledge base by experiencing international locations and their local methodologies.

International Internships are the perfect way to develop and diversify a skill set in a Professional work environment. Whether the intern is looking to acquire insight into a new industry, approaching a career change or wants to gain some on the job training to compliment their studies, an internship will positively enhance the CV in an increasingly competitive job market.

The Internship also provides the opportunity to get immersed in the local South African culture and way of life. Have the opportunity to eat the local cuisine, learn our lingo and get involved in a variety of local activities.

Highlights of an International Internship

  • An opportunity to work abroad in one of the most loved tourist, wildlife, surfing and wine locations worldwide, South Africa.
  • Get hands on experience with local professionals in your industry
  • Personal insight and understanding to the South African Culture and way of life
  • Networking opportunities and potential working relationships
  • Time off to explore South Africa and what it has on offer
  • Once in a lifetime experience for your CV

Outline of the Internship

Interns will be required to attend a 3 day orientation in Cape Town prior to departure for the Internship. Airport transfers will be allocated to specific dates and anything out of these dates should be expected to have a private transfer fee attached.

Monday: Preparations for the orientation week.
Tuesday: Arrivals at Cape Town International Airport throughout the day. Check into dorm room at hostel.
Wednesday: Orientation Sessions with Awesome Travel staff member. Includes SIM set up, orientation around the area and shopping centers.
Thursday: Day tour through Cape Town
Friday: Departure for Internship Program
Duration of program: Internship at your chosen program
Program End Date: Transfer from program location to Cape Town International Airport for departure flight.

Internship Program at Babylonstoren


Babylonstoren is situated in the middle of the Cape Winelands, with easy access to the main tourist towns, Franschhoek, Paarl and Stellenbosch. The farm is a mere 45 minutes drive from the city of Cape Town and the international airport. The Historical Garden is at the heart of the farm and also hales back to the mythical garden of Babylon. The interns will be focusing mainly on the fruit, vegetable, herbs and indigenous plant collections in the Garden while on their internship.

Background of the Organic Garden and Greenhouse

Spanning across eight acres, the Garden is formal in structure. Over 300 varieties of plants in the garden are grown as biologically as possible. Fruit and vegetables are harvested year round for use in the restaurant and fragrant herbs for welcome posies in the guest rooms. The garden is divided into fifteen clusters spanning over vegetable areas, berries, bees, indigenous plants, ducks and chickens and includes a prickly pear maze. Gravity feeds water into waterways from a stream into the garden as it was done for 300 years. Everything in the garden is edible, medicinal and useful, nothing merely ornamental. As you wander around you smell indigenous herb gardens as well as the blossoms and flowers from whatever may be in bloom at that time in the season.

The Green House is open 7 days a week. The greenhouse-cum-tearoom is a refreshment station for guests who have completed one of the garden tours. This 26m-long greenhouse is made of dark green steel and 4mm hardened glass. This allows us to experiment with varietals that have struggled or flopped – largely due to the Western Cape’s winter rainfall and lack of humidity in summer – in the formal fruit and vegetable garden. Exotic cardamom, pineapples, ginger, dragonfruit, granadillas, vanilla are grown in the Green House.

General Information regarding the internship

The interns are very involved in the physical work involved in the day-to-day running of the Organic Garden. It is a very “hands on” approach and lots of the background work that generally goes unnoticed by the final end consumer. The guests of the hotel, as well as day visitors, will mingle through the beauty with you down the various walkways and garden paths. There are daily tours that take place with guests so that they can marvel at your work and taste the abundance of worldwide fruit that the various plants produce year round providing personal guest interaction. The interns will be working alongside the fulltime staff members in order to gain on the job training, skills and knowledge for the Garden.

Potential Tasks of Interns

Please note that this is subject to change / seasonal and is done according to the needs of the garden. Interns are to be flexible and slot in with the current staff.

Horticultural Interns could be involved in the following throughout the Vegetable Garden, Nursery and Fruit Section:

  • Harvesting of the seasonal fruits and vegetables for the 2 restaurants on property as well as the guest cottages
  • Helping with the décor for functions with the flowers and blossoms from the garden
  • Design and creation of posies for guest cottages & restaurants
  • Seed collection and sowing of the seeds in the garden
  • Soil preparation in the garden
  • Pruning and mulching
  • Planting and weeding in vegetable garden
  • Seasonal pruning of fruit trees
  • Maintaining the pathways and structures located within the garden
  • Feeding and enclosure cleaning of the ducks and chickens homed in the garden
  • Correct labeling of the vegetation, plants, herbs, fruit trees and vines
  • Maintenance of the waterways throughout the garden for correct irrigation of plants
  • Sharing of knowledge with other interns and horticultural staff

Housing and Accommodation for Interns

There is a fully furnished, self-catering house located on property especially for Interns. All bedding, linen, cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils, chairs are supplied. There is a functional kitchen for the preparation of meals each day. Numbers are kept low in ensure personalized training and one-on-one development throughout the duration of the program.


Lunches are provided for Interns from the farm canteen, especially for staff, on property on the days that they are working. Breakfast and dinner are to be prepared in the self-catering house by the interns i.e. this is their responsibility.
This ensures that interns can cater for their own dietary requirements and portioning. Groceries can be bought from the local shop or from the closest town, which is 15km away. Town trips will be arranged once a week.


A bicycle will be provided for Interns for getting around the property. Should an intern decide to leave the property for their off days / tourist activities they will need to arrange their own transportation. For interns staying for extended durations of time we would recommend rather purchasing a vehicle as hiring and renting can become expensive if done continuously.

Working hours / Schedules

Interns will be expected to work 5 days a week. The final itinerary will be designed around the needs of the property and suitable coordination around the other interns. A general working day can be on average 9 hours. This will be mostly in the South African sun and interns should be advised to carry around sunscreen SPF30 or higher, hat and water bottle.

Equipment and Uniforms

Equipment will be provided for interns.
Training is provided for all tasks expected from Interns during their program and staff members are always around should there be any questions or retraining required. All SOP’s will be explained in detail and understanding ensured prior to intern being left alone to follow through. Interns are required to bring their own jeans, sunglasses, brimmed hat and closed shoes [no slops for working]

Medical Facilities

There is always a trained first aid staff member, with first aid box, on property incase of an accident on property. The closest medical facility is in Paarl 15km away. Interns are required to carry their own personal medical aid kit and prescribed medication while travelling.


Interns will not be paid for their time on property. The purpose of the program is to get cultural exposure, opportunity to travel and exchange knowledge of horticulture with the intention of growing your knowledge base and career development.

Selection Criteria / Requirements

Minimum Age: 20 – 30 years [preference but not strict]
Maximum Age: No Age limit but must be physically capable of tasks
Work Experience: Hospitality, Culinary or F&B Experience is required to apply. Must be mature and capable to perform tasks. No Freeloaders to apply as this is a fast paced environment and you are expected to take this internship seriously. References can be requested upon application.
Health and Well Being: Intern must be physically healthy and have no limitations when it comes to the tasks and responsibilities of the chosen program. Doctor’s certificate required if Intern has been hospitalized or treated within the last 12 months or has a pre-existing condition.
Medication: All prescribed or personal medication must have necessary documentation with Intern while on the program. Chronic medication must be bought in their home country prior to arrival in South Africa.
Language: Intern needs to understand and converse in English on at least a basic level.
Insurance: Intern must have travel and medical insurance prior to arriving in South Africa.
Personal Traits: Intern must have an interest in horticulture and be reliable, self motivated, flexible and eager to get involved with the daily activities in order to reap the maximum rewards and potential from the program.

Additional Activities Available

There are a variety of activities available to Interns, while not busy on the estate, that suits all ages and interests.
Below are a few examples:

Shark Cage Diving Nights out in Long Street
Table Mountain Cableway Shopping at the V&A Waterfront
Robbin Island Boat Trip 2 Oceans Aquarium
Plenty of beautiful coastline to explore Hiking and biking up Devils Peak
Whale watching in Hermanus [Day Trip] Music Concerts in Kirstenbosch Botanical
Volunteer work in the townships World’s Tallest Bunji Jump [Day Trip]
Surfing Lessons / Surf Camps [Day Trips]

Program Durations

** Please note that any stay in South Africa longer than 90 days will require a visa prior to departure from their country of residence**

Program Durations are minimum 4 weeks – 12 weeks without a visa. Longer programs can be arranged.

What is included?

  • Airport pick up on designated transfer day
  • Dorm room accommodation at hostel during orientation
  • Tours during orientation
  • Meals during orientation
  • Comprehensive orientation session
  • Regular SIM card for cell phone
  • Program T- shirt
  • Lunches when on duty
    Provisions are made for self catered meals during the program
  • Accommodation for the stay at the project
  • Transfer back to airport on program end date
  • Certification / Letter of reference upon completion
  • Full back up support for Awesome Travel while in South Africa

What is not included?

  • Medical Insurance
  • Return Flights
  • Spending of a personal nature

Please contact us for more information about this program