Modern trends within the young professional realm dictates that to get ahead in the job market it is imperative to gain international experience, before applying for the job of their dreams.


The combination of nationalities and cultures within the workplace not only generates broader thinking, different industry insights, creative energy and a healthy drive for success but ultimately provides the host company opportunities for international networking and business opportunities.

Combined with a locally based company who oversees and facilitates the entire process from marketing your company’s unpaid internship position through to legal visa assistance, arrival orientation and constant support for both the intern and the host company – makes for an incredible partnership in globalizing your workspace.

Program and Visa Overview:

As a fully-fledged exchange program organization, Awesome Travel has the ability to legally support the visa for international youth to come to South Africa for up to one year through our government approved exchange program. This visa allows for internships within South Africa as well as travelling around the country.

Awesome Travel – Who are we?


Established in 2002, Awesome Travel is South Africa’s leading Intercultural Exchange Program provider, offering both outbound programs for South African youth and inbound programs for international youth. As an organization we strive to provide programs that equip young people with the skills needed to thrive in this world of globalization through well structured, relevant, affordable and safe exchange programs.

Part of our facilitation includes items such as:

  • Sourcing relevant and educational internship opportunities for international students / recent graduates within South Africa
  • Screening of the resumes and matching with host companies [arranging interviews if requested]
  • Ensuring all legal requirements are met for visa application and further processing
  • Providing a detailed arrival orientation for the intern in preparation for their time on the program, covering topics such as cultural differences, language and safety
  • Delivering a safe accommodation option in Cape Town City Centre, which is extendable according to the intern’s preferences
  • Taking full responsibility for your intern’s enjoyable placement while being contactable for emergencies
  • Being available 24/7 as back up support for any issues for both the intern and host company as well as for any mediation required for workplace concerns that may arise between such parties

Application Process Flow


Step 1 – Awesome Travel receives application from interested intern

Step 2 – Potential Intern is sent the Code of Conduct and request for supporting documentation required for screening and application process

Step 3 – Once all documentation has been accepted and received by Awesome Travel, we will assess the application and forward to suitable host company for review. At this stage an interview can be set up between the host company and intern if required.

Step 4 – Host company accepts the intern application and the intern receives the completed host company form. This details the expectations and information regarding the host company and the position the intern would be assisting with.

Step 5 – Intern accepts the position

Step 6 – Upon agreeance from both parties Awesome Travel issues the necessary paperwork required for the intern’s visa application at their local South African Embassy and facilitates all local correspondence to confirm the placement

Step 7 – Visa is granted and Awesome Travel continues to manage the interns further processing for the program.

Step 8 – Intern is prepped with the remainder information for their arrival orientation in Cape Town while the Host company is updated.

Step 9 – Interns attend orientation with Awesome Travel staff, are inducted at the host company for a successful program and are assisted with housing extensions if required.

Internship Breakdown: In-Country

At the start of each program we host the interns on a 4-day, 3-night arrival orientation on set dates throughout the calendar year. Orientation consists of a full itinerary that exposes and educates them to South Africa. The culture, languages, traditions and history of the country are all discussed during the week as well as all interns going on pre-arranged tours and information sessions.

The interns can either extend in-house or source their own accommodation closer to your organization. That Friday of the orientation is designated for the interns to go through to the host company, get introduced, have an induction and be prepped for the start of the internship the following Monday.

Selection Criteria / Requirements for Intern Applications:

  • Minimum & Maximum Age: Current students, graduates and young professionals between 19 – 29.
  • Work Experience: Any practical work experience is beneficial but not necessary.
  • Health and Well Being: Interns are aware of the possible physical nature involved with the required daily tasks for your internship program from your completed host company form.
  • Language: Interns will be able to read, write and speak in English.
  • Insurance: Interns will have travel and medical insurance prior to arriving in South Africa for the duration of their stay.

How to become an Awesome Travel Host Company:


We are constantly looking for new host companies – of all sizes and from all industries – who are wanting a fresh perspective that comes from hosting international students and interns.

Should your organisation want the benefits of having an additional set of hands, please do understand, we have a screening process to follow. The safety and quality of our program is of the utmost importance to not only us but our partners and especially our clients.

Get in touch with us directly or complete the Host Company Form by pressing the button below to download the application form, so that we can get in touch with you.