This program is a combination of both wildlife conservation as well as social well being.

One week will be spent assisting in our orphanage located in Soweto and the other week is based at our wildlife location where you will be involved with conservation and research in the African Bush.

The orphanage in Soweto is a registered NPO (non-­‐profit organization) under the JCW [Johannesburg Child Welfare] social umbrella. We have had many volunteers participate and leave their hearts behind at this project.

The wildlife portion of the program is located in the heart of the African bush. Here volunteers will be involved in the research programs currently running in the conservation of the local wildlife and indigenous flora.

What specific tasks and activities are involved?

  • Food preparation in child feeding programs
  • Help out in the nursery with babies
  • Assistance in taking care of orphaned children aged from birth to 18 years
  • Assisting with children’s homework
  • Personal interaction with children to help with social development
  • Basic building and maintenance projects at all the homes which are in constant need of repairs and general upkeep
  • Playing games and offering fun programs on weekend and holidays, like arts and crafts
  • Help with hygiene and health education amongst the children and community
  • Tracking & Monitoring animals on reserve
  • Fence and water pipe checks and repairs
  • Maintenance of roads and clearing of bush
  • Collaring projects for monitoring purposes (Seasonal)
  • Game management and poaching prevention tactics should there be a threat
  • Community awareness and educational activities

What can you expect in terms of accommodation and food during your project placement?

At the social project volunteers are accommodated within the grounds of their project in cottages, which is specifically set‐aside for volunteers. Each cottage has shared bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom. Volunteers are provided a pre-loaded card each month in order to purchase food from the local grocery store. Anything over and above this will be for their own pockets.

Accommodations at the wildlife projects can range from thatched chalets to permanent tented campsites. All have running water, electricity and qualified guides to supervise during the program duration. 3 main meals will be provided for during the day and trips to the local town can be arranged for anything additional.