About the Project

Amazing  Grace  is  situated  in  a  small  town  called  Malelane,  which  is  situated  45  minutes  from  Nelspruit in the Mpumalanga Province. It is located approximately 10 minutes from the Kruger National Park in a beautiful part of the country and within 2 hours from the capital of Mozambique, Maputo.    As  a  province,  Mpumalanga  is  a  very  rural  and  poor  part  of  the  country  where  a  large  percentage of the population lives on or below the poverty line.

The  project  offers  residential  care  to  infants,  babies  and  children  ranging  from  birth  to  18  years.  Many of these children come from backgrounds where they were abused, abandoned, neglected, Aids orphans or are infected with the HIV virus and therefore require constant attention. The facility houses  an  average  of  70  children  and  offers  services  to  many  others  within  the  local  community.   The project strives to have all the children placed into local schools as they believe that education is the  main  goal  to  the  children’s  future  success.  The  project  feeds  and  clothes  the  children  and  is  responsible for the children in their care regardless of which country they are from. This is often challenging due to a constant shortage of resources.

What characteristic traits are we looking for in a volunteer?

This  organization  is  looking  for  volunteers  who  are  caring,  hardworking  team  players  who  are  willing to give of their time to better the lives of those younger and less fortunate than themselves.
The  project  will  certainly  pull  on  the  volunteers  heart  strings  and  will  be  an  enriching  and  rewarding experience. As a volunteer at this project, you will be able to see the difference you are making in the lives of the children on a day to day basis.

What specific tasks and activities are involved?

  • Food preparation for the children
  • Assistance in taking care of orphaned children aged from birth to 18 years
  • Assisting with children’s homework
  • Personal interaction with children to help with social development
  • Basic  building  and  maintenance  at  the  project. This  would  include  general  repairs  and  up keeping
  • Playing games and offering fun programmes for the children

What characteristic traits are we looking for in a volunteer?

Since 99% of the work is with children, the project is looking for caring, hardworking team players who  are  tolerant  and  open  to  different  cultures  and  traditions.  Volunteers  must  be  flexible  and  open to assist with the various projects’ needs.

What can you expect in terms of accommodation and food during your project placement?

Volunteers are currently being housed in a volunteer room located by the Amazing Grace Orphanage, in Malelane. It has the basic amenities for volunteers to make use of – any assistance with this is also greatly appreciated by the project. Sleeping bags are recommended for the colder months as it does get very cold once the sun goes down. Mosquito nets are not required. Preloaded meal cards are provided for the volunteers each month. These can be swiped for groceries at the local supermarket and allows for dietary requirements to be catered for personally.