Awesome Travel is a youth and cultural exchange company that offers an inbound program giving foreigners the opportunity to work in social and conservation programs in South Africa. The company also offers young South Africans the opportunity to work abroad on short term cultural exchange programs ranging from 6 – 12 months.

Volunteer South Africa


These programs offer the participants the opportunity to give back to society through volunteering on a grass roots level. Through social upliftment programs as well as nature conservation programs which are scattered across the country.

On the inbound side of our organisation we offer programs to foreign travellers wanting to come to South Africa and experience the country as more than just a tourist.

Since its inception in 2003, our program has gone from strength to strength and it is in no short measure thanks to the support we get from our international partners around the world.

We have developed a very close working relationship with all of the projects we support and we know that our projects really appreciate each and every volunteer that works with them. The impact the volunteers make on a daily basis is invaluable and the experience the volunteers get is priceless.


Social Projects

The aim of our program is to support the projects we work with by giving them willing and energetic volunteers to help supplement the severe staff shortage that is endemic with social projects in South Africa.

Over the past 8 years we have developed a great relationship with the social programs we support and the international volunteers we have are all very well utilized by the projects and have a fantastic experience. Under the banner of our social programs, we support a base of projects that deal a lot with the social impact that HIV and AIDS is having on the children of South Africa.

Most of our social projects deal with the unbelievably high number of orphaned children in South Africa and volunteers help out with a number of different tasks, such as child care, homework, building and maintenance of facilities, basic hygiene and a continuous list of other day to day activities that the permanent staff struggle to get to due to a manpower shortage.

We are involved with the following various projects:


Wildlife projects

With all the problems the world faces, it is very often the environment and wildlife that is forgotten. There are however organizations spread throughout South Africa that are dedicated to preserving the future of our country and its wildlife. We work with a number of these organizations in an effort to help them in their cause to preserve wildlife heritage for future generations.

The projects we work with range from animal rehabilitation and education centre’s to Big 5 research centre. The volunteers that participate in our wildlife program get involved with the actual care of the animals and day to day running of the projects. The experience the volunteers get is totally unique and something they would never be able to do as a normal tourist.

We are involved with the following various projects:


We have a variety of Internship opportunities throughout South Africa. These are very structured and requirements met programs with various industries. Some examples that we are developing:

  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Viticulture
  • Marketing

Group Projects

We have a Social and Wildlife mix group that runs twice a year. This encompasses a 3 week social volunteering stint at a variety of our social projects followed by a week at our Panzi Pioneer Project. This is a great way to travel, meet new people of similar interests, help the local community and experience various cultures.

Customised Tours

Awesome Travel also realises the value of creating tours that meet the needs of the people that wish to travel in groups – whether it be for school trips, church missions, Scout groups, work bonding and getaways or groups of friends wanting to see the world.

We can design tours of varying lengths, itemised budgets, various types of accommodation, various locations according to whichever theme you are desiring – Educational, Historical, Cultural, Volunteer Based, Sightseeing etc.

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